Yahoo Messenger

"A user friendly environment for chatting"

Yahoo Messenger is an environment where a person can chat with his beloved ones with various features in it.He can send text messages,he can chat through video call ,he can as well chat through voice i.e he can make voice calls. The various addition features added in these are IMVironment that can be changed according to your tastes.There are number of chat rooms in which you can move in and get along with various members in it who are of your taste.You can also share your photos with your friend,whom you are chatting with as well as you can make conference sms chat or conference call where in more than two members can chat together at the same time which is a very big advantage for the users. You can also log out through your mobile which helps you receive any of your messages that are sent to you when you are offline.You need to change your setting if you want such an operation to be performed.You have a Buzz alert option which alerts your opposite friends who are in chat with you in order if they are left dreaming.You can create avatars of your tastes and post them as your profile pictures and you can change your skins i.e your yahoo messenger skins that are additionally provided to you as well as you can play lots of Y! Games with your friends in the chat environment.

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